At Pumpkins Preschool we always appreciate positive feedback from parents and from our children! There are too many testimonials for us to publish on one page but for those seeking an indication of what the parents of our Pumpkin’s children write to us, below are a few.  Please note that for the purposes of confidentiality we have replaced the child’s name with a letter and all testimonials are held on file for inspection as necessary.

I am really pleased with how well A has settled in.  He is learning lots of new things which is evident at home. (27/01/2014)

Really happy with B’s progress, he is doing really well and we try and encourage learning at home. (28/012014)

Am very pleased with C’s progress.  He has been doing all his counting, alphabet and colours at home. He loves his teachers and is making some great friends. One happy Mum! (28/01/2014)

D’s feedback is great. Very impressed with how far he has come and working with me to calm him down. (29/01/2014)

I saw his learning journey (photographs and work). Nicky gave me all the information about E, I am very happy for his progress. (29/01/2014).

I am very pleased with the comments from Nicky today. F loves coming to Pumpkins every session and he enjoys telling me everything he has learned during the day.  Thank you all! (30/01/2014)

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